Because we have the same hobbies, football.Many say that drafting a running back in the top five is risky because of their short careers. However, I highly doubt San Diego regretted using their top five pick on a running back after seeing Tomlinson break NFL records with the lightning bolt on his helmet.

I like to discuss with friends about football things.This is why I was not worried when the Browns drafted Trent Richardson with the third pick in this year’s draft. Richardson is a monster. He was frustrated at Alabama because the trainers limited him to benching only 475. ONLY 475! He will plow through defenses and has the ability to be a Fantasy Football king like Tomlinson once was. He doesn’t have the knee issues that Adrian Peterson had when he came into the league. He doesn’t have the mental issues like Ricky Williams had when he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. The health and mental issues favor Richardson. It simply comes down to production.

In many ways, Richardson is like Tomlinson. They’re different style runners, but on and off the field, the two have the same mindset. They are lovable people in the public eye and are extremely hard workers on the football field. Really, it doesn’t matter if Richardson retires at 32 as long as the Browns have a good 10 years with him at running back.

Long term, it seems like a complete waste of a top three pick. If the Browns drafted Morris Claiborne or Justin Blackmon, they could have a player for another three to four years beyond Richardson.